Treatment of Hypertrofic scars with Edula ointment


Research shows that the healing of a wound improves when you applicate Edula® ointment from Medicer. About a week after surgery and directly after removing the stitches, we use Edula® ointment under occlusion on the fresh wound. And during the 3-6 months using Edula® ointment daily, we clearly see the collagen tissue slides together very nicely. Usually the wound heals without problems and we hardly ever keep seeing a disturbing scar.

To stimulate the healing process and to be sure you won’t keep seeing ugly scars, you must treat the damaged skin with Edula® ointment. This is a wound ointment containing 8% of the marigold (i.e. calendula). This ointment also diminishes the pain of grazes and burns and prevents wound inflammation.

Calendulae Officinalis - Aquarel 1793


Already in 3000 BC the legendary Inhotep committed to the papyrus how to heal wounds perfectly with marigold (calendula). This flower growed abound on the banks of the Nile.

The valley of the Nile at Luxor

Papyrus 1850 BC

Research on Edula® ointment

Having seen thousands of patients during longterm studies (1990 – 2002), we can come to the conclusion that in more than 75% of the cases the ointment heals the collagen very good and the scar decreases. It is very important to know that no wound or scar is the same. One wound or scar needs ointment and occlusion, the other wound ointment and a piece of gauze. There is a great amount of knowledge needed to make the right decision for the right wound and scar.

Silicon band-aid, steroid ointments, expensive beauty ointments…none of them works properly.

The surgeon stitched the scar tissue below very close, in order to prevent the scar to tear open. The patient is a coloured person with a high risk of scarring and hypo-pigmentation (discolouration).

scar 6 days after surgery

6 weeks use of Edula® ointment under occlusion / Tegaderm®

Results Edula® ointment

The photos beneath show you a left and right forearm of the same patient. This patient had similar operations in both forearms, and gave permission to treat the left forearm with Edula ointment a week after the operation, and keep the right forearm untreated. The photos speak for themselves.

Right forearm: untreated scar 4months after operation

Left forearm: scar 1 week after operation and after removal of the stitches. Treatment with Edula®ointment under occlusion with Tegaderm® once a day, 3,5 months later.

scar 1 year after operation. Treated with Edula® ointment once a day, under occlusion with Tegaderm®.

Brain surgery left lateral frontal via eyebrow and then 4 months Edula® ointment under occlusion with gauze.

6 months Edula® ointment. No scars and normal hair growth eyebrow

1 week after the brain surgery, and the removal of the staples after 10 days out of her skull.

Edula® ointment applicated in a thick layer under occlusion of a gauze.

After 2 and 3 months using Edula® ointment on the scar.

After 5 and 7 months of using Edula® ointment, no visible scars and normal hair growth.